民國 60 年代台灣鋼鐵業進入成長期,竹南鐵工廠創辦人邱丁成
攜第二代 邱文昌、邱文煥先生於家鄉苗栗,創立了頭份工業股份有限公司。

從中華民國六十三年六月二十一日至今,位於苗栗縣竹南鎮頂埔里中華路上的頭份工業歷經鋼鐵業的成長、擴建、成熟到整合,不斷自我要求與改進,近來更積極與機械製造方謀和精進,為台灣鋼鐵一貫作業產能與精密工業發展,站在產業中上游源 ” 頭 ”,迎向未來的一 ” 份 ” 協同力。



Corporate culture

In 1970s, steel industry started growth in Taiwan. The founder of Chunan Iron Factory, Mr. Chiu Ding-Cheng, led his second generation Mr. Chiu Weng-Chan and Mr. Chiu Weng-Huan established TowFing Industry Co. in their hometown Miaoli.

Since June 21, 1974, the TowFing Industry Co. located on Chunghwa Rd. of Chunan township has gone through growth, expansion, maturity to integration. Recent years, TowFing Industry Co. has highly proactive strategized with machinery manufacturers, and to be the top source of supply chain in Taiwan steel industries.

Throughout in the past few decades, TowFing Industry Co. is the character to connect upstream and downstream in steel industry. Most of the production facilities are originally made in Taiwan, started from scratch and faced countless failure and predicament through the processing of developing those production facilities. A slogan in our factory ” Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding, plum blossom’s fragrance comes from the bitter cold. ” has profound meaning to encourage fellows by the general manager Mr. Chiu.

Nowadays, TowFing Industry Co. is in charge of upstream steel and OEM manufacturing, and collaborative production of drawing and straightening with downstream industries.

The mainly product is hot rolled bar and cold drawn bright bar to supply automobile parts industry, screw nut industry, hand tools industry, and steel wire and cable ( including wire drawing ) industry.